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(hugs:) Universe 2020.

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Lank Pierce

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Carrie Yang

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Lank was born, raised, and educated in Arkansas (“The Natural State”). He grew to genuinely appreciate and respect nature through exploring his hometown nestled in a National Park and earning his Eagle Scout. Surrounded by a musical family, developing artistic expression was as simple as skipping piano practice to write his own sketch comedy and music. He continued to write and produce through college, where he resolved to progress art and music through business.


A business degree provided a steep learning curve and career in investing and growing young and mature companies in myriad industries, from auto dealerships to software startups. After four years in finance, Lank chose to learn and grow in new, more creative ways. He founded (hugs:) Universe on personally held beliefs and a library of new research in support; new experiences, and the thoughts, knowledge, and action they create, can support and transform the mental wellness of generations living in a world evolving faster than ever before.


Before she was one year old, Carrie moved to Chengdu, China and was raised by her grandparents for the next five years before returning to the U.S.  It was in China that she first embraced growth through new experiences, people, and music. Like a good Asian daughter, she studied biochemistry in college and almost attended medical school. Like a not-so-good Asian daughter, she started her career in finance, and after a year, she dove into marketing for start-ups and has never looked back. Her marketing career transitioned her from Arkansas to New York City and now to Dallas, Texas, serving customers in the food, personal health, and healthcare technology industries. Through her adventures, she’s met countless beautiful humans, witnessed so much music, and opened her mind to the unfamiliar. 
Forever grateful for these transformative experiences, Carrie lives each day by the motto “be a good person” and by putting Tabasco on everything. Upon reflection, Carrie recognized how impactful discomfort and welcoming the new have manifested growth and change in her life, and she aims to help others achieve the same. Now, through (hugs:) Universe, she seeks to improve these human experiences, so we can better connect with music, with nature, and with each other.